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new way to get hired

Most of us don't have the time to look for better job opportunities after work hours. It's difficult for talents and employers to find each other when the time is right. So Workgate has created a staff search system for employers to easily search for relevant talents.

We are switching the job searching from candidates to employers.

Employers can easily search for you

Create your CV profile and state your job requirements (e.g. minimum pay & work locations)

You're now in our search system and is available to be head hunted for a better job

While you continue your amazing life, employers can easily search for you and contact you directly

Don't miss out on a better job opportunity



save you time

Once your profile is created, you return to your daily routine. No more effort is required. You will be notified by email of any job introductions.

ensure suitable match

Employers can only contact you if their job introduction meets your required pay, location and hours preference.

open unknown opportunities

You never know an employer from an unexpected industry could be looking for your talent-set.

unbiased anonymous profile

Your profile is anonymous when employers search for you. Once you accept their job introduction, only then will they see your name, contact details and past employment businesses.

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candidate search example

Employers use our filtering system to find talents for their job.

Match percentage is compared between candidates,
ensuring suitability for both the employer and candidate.

If an employer like what they see,
they contact you directly

Let better career opportunities come to you